Mastering the Art of Cold Calling

The thought of cold calling can send shivers down sales people spines. Yes the phone is still the number 1 method in reaching new prospects and creating new opportunities. So what is the best way to cold call?

During this episode Tom Slocum, founder of the SD Lab and strategic advisor for many fast-growing tech companies, shares his insights on his tactical approach to cold calling.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the episode:

- Understanding the buyer persona and their pain points is crucial. Tom suggests doing exercises to identify top buyers and their goals and pains, in order to create more targeted call flows.

- Research, relevancy, and relatability are the three pillars of successful cold calls and emails.

- Cold calling is about selling the pain and identifying the problem, not necessarily the product or service. The goal is to sell the meeting and focus on diagnosing the problem before trying to sell in two minutes.

If you're looking to improve your cold calling skills, this episode of Skalable Growth is a must-listen.

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