Mindset Monday: Courage to Be YOU

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. – Sir Winston Churchill

Have you ever attended a child's first day of school? Some children are scared and don't want their parents to leave them, others run with enthusiasm and don't look back.

However, one constant for children starting school is they all have a dream. When you ask what do want to be when you grow up, you hear.....astronaut...doctor, fireman....hairdresser....police officer....football player.

As time goes on, the vision or dream changes. Some don't know what they want to do. Some change their mind because of what experience and hear.

What is inspiring about children is they have a creative mindset of anything is possible. Until the world conditions them, they often have no limits...

When a baby learns to walk, they will fall hundreds of times and get back up. They don't stop trying because they didn't achieve their goal.

As adults, conditioning and our external factors can impact the decisions we make, it may impact our ability to keep trying to achieve our dreams.

This week it's all about courage. Courage to break the shackles of fear.

To be the best you can be.

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