Mindset Monday: Every Step is a Win, Even a Backwards One

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When we set big goals it's incredibly exciting and motivating. But the challenge with big goals is the scale of them. At the end of each day it's hard to feel as though you've made any real impact. That can make you feel demotivated, which is dangerous when you hit a setback.

Getting 8 hours sleep every single night doesn't sound like it would add up to a big goal, does it? But for elite athletes, checking that box can be the difference between qualifying and not. Placing and not. Winning and not.

Every big goal is made up of micro-steps–there's no 0 to 100 option. So what I need you to do is to flip your mindset. Start celebrating every micro-step. Start celebrating each milestones, even if they're not a win. Remember that every 'no' you hear is getting you one step closer to your next 'yes.'

By making your plan and sticking faithfully to the micro-steps, you're winning. Celebrating each step is guaranteed to help you #bethebestyoucanbe

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