Mindset Monday: Look Back To Level Up

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"We do not learn from our experiences. We learn by reflecting on our experiences" -John Dewey.

As the year (and quarter) draws to a close, many of our minds have already turned to what's up next: 2022. To be the best you can be in 2022, Luigi has two things for you to reflect on this week.

The first is to really really reflect hard on 2021. Remember, there's opportunities for growth to be found in both wins and losses. Make sure you caught the important ones so you use them to level up in 2022.

The second is to start planning for 2022 now, don't leave it until the year has already started. Think about yourself this time next year, reflecting on your year again. What have you achieved that means you can't wipe the smile off your face? Make sure that's where your goals are setting you up to go.


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