Modern Outbound Selling, with Jake Dunlap

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This week we welcome Jake Dunlap! Jake is a B2B leader with more than 7 years of sales leadership experience Jake has developed an incredible theory around outbound selling and how you can increase your ability to sell effectively using Linkedin.

Where you can find Jake:

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[2:30] - How Jake started in the world of sales

[4:10] - The leap from consistent income to the world of consulting

[5:35] - the key areas Jake helps business with

[7:30] - The strategies Jake uses to help his clients modernize their selling process

[14:20] - The steps you should develop in your cadence for LinkedIn

[22:30] - The importance of mindset compared to the tactical component

[27:40] - Implement your training!

[28:40] - The Calls to action you need to be using

[30:20] - The reasons you should be posting on LinkedIn and how you should start

[36:25] - How would Jake would start a business today

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