MOVE Revenue With the Right Go To Market Framework, With Sangram Varje

In under an hour, you're going to feel like you've had the best GTM mentoring session of your revenue career.

In this episode of the CRO Spotlight Warren is joined by Sangram Varje, best-selling author, and Co-Founder and GTM Advisor at Terminus. In this episode they look at an array GTM issues that you need to know about: who owns go to market, symptoms of product/market fit that needs work, what the Most Important Metric is for revenue teams, why churning C-Level executives is not a GTM fix, and the importance of setting expectations to succeed as a CRO.


Connect with Sangram on LinkedIn. Find his book MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework here. His podcast is called MOVE: The Go To Market Podcast (previously Flip My Funnel).

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