Must-Haves for Fast Sales Success, with Ellis Abrahams

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If you're new to sales or not feeling on your game right now, this episode is essential listening. At only 18 months into his first sales role, Ellis Abrahams hit 185% of his quota last quarter. Find out how he set himself up for fast success (hint: it all starts with the right mindset).

In this episode, he shares with Luigi:

• What prospects attribute his unique cut-through to.

• Two things we can all keep at the front of our mind to lift our mindset.

• The specifics of his cadence (we knew you'd want it).

• His surprising must-have sequencing tool (and the reason it's his favourite).

• How he's sidestepped pitfalls like leading with closing notes and 'spray and pray.'

• How to get the most out of training and development.


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