Opportunities and Threats To The Marketing Function, With Tim Hines

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Marketers today have more power in revenue than ever before, with their wealth of data key to identifying how buyers behave. This data is a double-edged sword though, with attribution-anxiety sometimes disincentivising the marketing team from pushing into new territory. How do you strike the right balance?

This week Warren and Lupe are joined by The Marketing Starter Tim Hines. Tim is an iCMO, founder, author, speaker, podcast host, and all round expert in all things marketing. In this episode they look at marketing as it enters the post-digital era, from how marketing can claim their space at the table using data, and the importance of communication, to why marketing should be viewed as a laboratory, not a factory.


Connect with Tim on LinkedIn, or at his website, or at GrowPowerful.ai. His podcast is called The Marketing Starter Podcast, and his book is called The Marketing Starter.

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