Overcoming Fear with Courage

What’s the one thing you aren’t doing that you know you need to do? What’s the one thing that frightens you so much that you create excuses to avoid having to do? We all have some task that intimidates and frightens us, that one responsibility that we really ought to be doing, but we just can’t bring ourselves to face it.

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl speaks with the dynamic, influential, and all-around legendary Shari Levitin about courage. Darryl and Shari go in-depth on the topic of courage, sharing stories, and tips of how simply changing your mindset can help you to improve your fearlessness. Learn how to overcome your fears through the power of courage on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About Darryl's Guest:

Shari Levitin is an energetic, wickedly funny sales guru, who helps sales teams bridge the gap between beating quota and selling with an authentic heartfelt approach. As the founder of the Shari Levitin Group, Shari has helped create over 1 billion dollars in increased revenue for companies in over 40 countries. Shari is the bestselling author of Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know, (now translated in 4 languages), a contributor to Forbes, CEO Magazine, Quotable, Inc Magazine, and Huffington Post.

Shari has been recognized as one of the:

  • Top 38 Most Dynamic Women in Sales in 2019 by Sales Hacker
  • Top Ten Voices in Sales for LinkedIn 2018 Top 20 global sales experts appearing in the documentary film "The Story of Sales.” (Salesforce)
  • 5 Most Influential Women in Sales (Sales Hacker)
  • Top 35 sales authors for her book, Heart and Sell (Vengreso)
  • Number one Thought Leader of 2019 for Girls Club
  • Top 50 Keynote Speakers (Top Sales World) Best Businesses in 2019 in Park City, Utah

Additionally, Shari is a guest lecturer at Harvard Extension Programs, an Advisory Board member of Vengreso, the largest digital transformation company, an advisory board member of the prestigious Sundance Institute and was chosen as the first adjunct professor at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business to teach a course in sales.

Shari, her husband, and son live in Park City, Utah. When she’s not creating killer content and presenting at sales kickoffs, Shari enjoys skiing, rock climbing, reading, and standing on her head.

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