Pivot Your Outbound Email Game, with Will Allred.

Outbound email. An already a noisy channel, made deafening over the last 24 months. The latest email statistics show outbound email volumes up 120-150% and reply rates down 40% since the start of the pandemic. If you haven't levelled-up your email game lately, you're probably feeling that heat.

In this episode, Luigi is joined by the man with the Lavender heart, Will Allred. As Co-Founder of email-assistant tool Lavender, Will sees bulk data of what actually works. He shares with Luigi:

  • How Lavender let demand shape their product.
  • How prospects scan their inbox to categorise, not comprehend.
  • If you should prioritise mobile-friendly formatting.
  • The power of binary for response rates.
  • What Lavender's email outbound cadence looks like.
  • Why short and simple should be your default setting.


Find Will on LinkedIn and Lavender at their website.

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