Predictable Revenue, with Aaron Ross

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This week we welcome Aaron Ross! From working in Salesforce to being the Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue™ Inc. In addition to his work in Sales Aaron is also a top rated author having written multiple books which we highly recommend you read!

This week we discuss the predictable revenue model and the steps you should be taking to either create or meet the model that you have in place at your own organisation.

Where you can find Aaron:


[05:10] - How Aaron got into the world of sales

[08:30] - The learnings from moving from being a CEO to a junior sales position

[12:20] - Following the sales methodology in everything that you do

[14:20] - An important sales tip

[16:02] - The passion for predictable revenue options

[19:15] - The steps to building a successful and predictable revenue model

[23:15] - The different steps a business with channel partners has to take to build their model  

[25:50] - Where the predictable model “falls over” and doesn't meet expectations

[36:20] - The biggest influence in Aarons career

[39:50] - One thing that Aaron would do differently

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