Product Differentiation and Customer Success with Manny Medina, CEO & Co-Founder of Outreach

In our inaugural episode, Rosalyn is joined by the incredible Manny Medina — CEO and Co-Founder of Outreach. Outreach is a sales enablement company that is valued at over $1.3b — but it wasn't always that way.

Before becoming one of the most recognizable SaaS unicorn's in the market today, Outreach was only a few months away from wrapping up.

So what had to change?

Sit back and enjoy this week's episode as Manny shares with us his story and his philosophy around product differentiation, customer success and much more.


00:34 - Welcome to the first Revenue Engine Podcast Ft. Manny Medina

02:26 - Welcoming Manny to the show

03:50 - A change had to come — pivoting to sales automation

10:20 - Sales Engagement — an emerging market category

14:58 - Identifying issues with pipeline, messaging, & positioning sooner rather than later

16:56 - The confusion & mishandling of COVID is causing uncertainty

20:41 - Sales will never be the same. The two things that have changed

22:43 - Becoming a true partner to your customers & driving customer success

27:28 - Outreach's quality culture & strong core values have created an incredible brand

34:29 - Champion of diversity & inclusion

39:26 - Accelerating revenue growth & powering that revenue engine

43:40 - You might be surprised to know...

45:33 - Thank you for listening to the show!