Prospecting Power: Optimizing Email Outreach for Results

Welcome to this episode of the Skalable Growth podcast, where we dive into the topic of email outreach with special guest, Maggie Blume - Inbox Evangelist. Maggie shares her inspiring journey from accountant to sales and how she learned that being a good listener and being consultative are more important than being an extrovert in sales.

Maggie's expertise lies in turning outreach emails into qualified opportunities and she shares simple tips and tactics to help listeners achieve this.

4 Biggest Takeaways:

- Timeless sales principles

- The importance of email deliverability, setting up the back end to ensure emails hit the inbox

- Creating the right list, segmenting based on firmographic data and triggers

- The effectiveness of using a soft Call To Action.

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or a budding entrepreneur, Maggie's insights are sure to help you generate more leads and convert them into happy customers. Tune in to learn from the best!

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