Questions that Sell with Paul Cherry

On this episode of Skalable Growth Podcast, we dive into the importance of asking effective questions during the sales process with guest Paul Cherry, the author of "Questions That Sell." During this episode Paul shares the four key questions buyers have in mind, how to tailor a successful sale, and the importance of past, present, and future-oriented questions.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

1. Understanding a buyer's motivations, such as minimizing risk and gaining an edge, profitability, and simplification, is crucial in tailoring a successful sale.

2. Asking great questions during the sales process can differentiate from competitors, trigger prospects to think more deeply, and create a more exceptional experience for the prospect.

3. Researching prospects before making calls by Googling trends in their industry and referencing them during calls can greatly enhance the effectiveness of sales calls.

4. Being a consultative, strategic partner with unique questions can set salespeople apart and help reveal bigger problems that customers may not have considered on their own.

The conversation also covers the importance of preparation before joint calls, asking strategic goal questions, and the art of quantifying the impact of a problem in monetary terms, or "dollarization."

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