Relationship Selling: Nothing Transactional Here, with Jim Cathcart

“The purpose of selling is to build profitable relationships. Without relationships there are only transactions and every day is just as hard as the one before it. With stronger sales relationships every day will be easier, more profitable and more fun!”

– Jim Cathcart

Relationships are a vital part in all aspects of life, whether it’s interactions with your family or gaining the trust of a new or potential client. To build lasting relationships where both parties receive value, we need to ensure we understand their motivations, needs and what they are getting from the relationship throughout the sales process.

Joining the podcast this week is award winning motivational speaker Jim Cathcart, having over 40 years of experience in professional speaking. Author of 19 books including ‘The Acorn Principle’ and ‘Relationship Selling’ Jim has a key understanding of the ways in which we can enhance our skills as sales professionals and work better with both our clients and team members.

Some places you can find Jim:

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[00:55] – Jim Cathcart introduces himself his journey to professional speaking

[03:17] – The influence Earl Nightingale has on Jim’s career

[07:10] – The Acorn Principle

[09:25] – Jim gets a surprise call from Earl Nightingale

[11:28] – The motivation to write Relationship Selling

[14:09] – Advice on how to develop a positive attitude and mindset when things don’t go to plan

[17:00] – The ideas behind Relationship Selling

[18:29] – Jim explains the importance of building a relationship with your customers and what we should be doing to add value

[20:45] – The importance of trust in the sales process

[22:55]– What to do when things go wrong and trust levels returns to zero

[28:20]– The importance of truth to Jim

[29:20] – Behavioural flexibility when building a relationship

[33:26] – The basics to determine the personality type your contact is

[35:28] – How does our flexibility impact the sales result with the customer?

[36:50] – Building a relationship with people who have different personality types

[40:20] – Advice Jim would give to his younger self

[42:00] – Places you can find Jim

[43:15] – Jim sings us a tune…MUST listen!

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