Sales Can Change Your Life

Much has been said about sales as a profession. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a rookie entering the field, or even just considering becoming a salesperson, there’s no shortage of opinions and articles on the world of sales. Though some of these opinions may not paint sales in a favorable light, if you have the right mindset, a career in sales has the potential to change your life!

In this special episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by globally recognized sales leader and author, Scott Leese. Darryl and Scott discuss how the importance of commitment, mindset, and self-awareness can drastically change and improve your career in Sales. Scott also shares how his career in sales changed his life for the better, as he delves deeply into his early struggles dealing with illness and addiction. Learn how he tackled his role head-on without a “Plan B” and through will and determination found ways to excel in sales, on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About Darryl's guest:

Scott Leese is one of the top startup sales leaders in the country. Through domestic and international consulting, he has trained an army of salespeople thousands strong. Leese puts his nearly two decades of sales and leadership experience to use as the CEO & Founder of both Scott Leese Consulting, LLC; and A highly sought-after consultant, advisor, leader, and sales trainer, Leese has a proven record of success building and scaling businesses from the ground up. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Janet; their two sons, Brayden and Caleb; and the family dogs, Loki and Mia.

INSIDE Inside Sales is hosted by Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSoft which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  VanillaSoft is the sponsor for INSIDE Inside Sales.

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