Sales Leadership: Are YOU a Good Leader, with Mareo McCraken

“The best stories a sales manager can tell are stories where they messed up, not their success stories – it’s actually stories where they failed. Those build the strongest connection because we connect more with failure then we do success because most of us feel we are not where we want to be.”

– Mareo McCraken

Sales Leadership

Leading a team takes more than just an understanding of the task at hand, it takes time, effort and an understanding of both your team and client’s needs. To be a good leader you must know how you can inspire your team to achieve their full potential and how to coach them through their challenges.

Joining the podcast this week is sales leader and blogger Mareo McCraken. Having been in leadership roles for the past 12 years, Mareo understands the need for leaders in all aspects of the workplace to be both committed to their increasing their team’s productivity and to maintaining a high-performance culture.

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Time stamps:

[00:30] – Mario speaks about himself and his experiences with sales

[01:50] – The role a sales professional plays in the modern world

[02:40] – The importance of mindset for a sales professional

[04:00] – What makes a great sales professional?

[05:15] – Why is it important to care about your customer?

[06:20] – How do you find out your client’s goals?

[07:30] – The most important item we must facilitate to gain trust from our clients

[08:30] – Strategies to find great sales people

[09:40] – How to get the best out of your team

[11:27] – Can you maintain a high-performance culture and also meet the requirements of a leader?

[12:20] – What has Mareo done faced with rejection?

[14:10] – How important is training from a sales professional’s perspective?

[15:04] – Are great sales people really the same?

[16:40] – How technology has changed the buying process and the steps we can take to use technology to build relationships and not be distracted by social platforms

[18:30] – How do you find balance in giving value and using sales tools?

[19:40] – Knowing what content to create to give your customers value

[20:45] – Three key things we must do to get the most out of our team and ourselves

[23:00] – What we should never do as a sales manager

[24:15] – What can a coach do if his team doesn’t believe in him?

[25:35] – Sales: an art or a science?

[27:00] – Mareo’s biggest career influence and what he’d do differently

[30:20] – One thing to do today to improve your sales career

[32:03] – Where you can find Mareo