Sales Secrets from the Sales Evangelist, with Donald C. Kelly

Donald C. Kelly is THE Sales Evangelist. As one of the leading figures in the sales industry, a sales coach and the host of his own podcast “The $ales Evangelist”, Donald has spent 5 years both learning and discussing the different ways in which our industry has changed, in addition to the experiences of different sales leaders from around the globe. Donald is truly an inspirational guy, and someone to look up to for the mindset and attitude he brings to work each day.

This episode is packed with loads of great content about mindset and awesome stories about Donald’s podcast. As you listen to this episode, consider your mindset, how you show up every day and what you could be doing right now to become the next sales gun in your organisation.

Where you can find Donald:


[02:40] – Donald and Luigi discuss their podcasts and the effort that goes into making them

[05:25] – Donald shares his journey into sales

[08:00] – What made Donald’s father such a big influence in his career

[10:50] – What inspired Donald to start “The $ales Evangelist” podcast?

[15:00] – Moments Donald looked back and thought ‘What an episode!’

[17:30] – Common traits and skills of high performers

[23:40] – How Donald breaks out of a negative mindset

[30:20] – The importance of having a morning routine and a positive mindset

[39:00] – The little things that make a high performer stand out above the rest of the crowd

[43:30] – What Donald would have done differently

[46:10] – Sales: an art or science? [Luigi at it again!! Ed]

[48:00] – Where you can find Donald

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