#SalesTruths to Help You Sell More, with Mike Weinberg

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We all know it, it’s a key #SalesTruth: being a Sales Professional requires hard work, because there are no shortcuts to having the right mindset and being a leader in your industry.

This week we talk to Mike Weinberg, author of best sellers ‘#SalesTruth’ and ‘Sales Management. Simplified’. Mike and Luigi are both avid believers that sales is not something which can be cheated. It takes hard work and effort to become a true Sales Professional, listen in to the #salestruths and be prepared to ramp up your efforts as you put into play key takeaways from the show.

Leave us a comment on your key takeaway and what you will implement enhance your skills and #beyourbest.

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[01:05] – Luigi has a message for everyone

[04:30] – Mike explains how he got into sales (even though he didn’t want to)

[07:00] – Why Mike wrote #SalesTruth

[08:20] – Difference between salespeople and sales managers

[11:20] – Debunking the ‘truths’ made by some “celebrities”

[18:25] – The 3 truths Luigi sees in sales

[19:20] – Become an opportunity creator

[24:30] – Spot the difference between true sales experts and fake salespeople

[28:40] – Key learnings from the 2016 US presidential election

[35:15] – Where you can find Mike

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