Selling in Times of Crisis, with Alice Heiman

This week we welcome Alice Heiman! Founder and Chief Sales Officer at ‘Alice Heiman LLC’, Alice has over 20 years of experience in the sales industry with skills ranging from sales training to public speaking, Alice certainly knows her stuff.

This week we explore with Alice what you should be doing right now to continue to reach your targets and sell during the current crisis.

Where you can find Alice:


[04:15] - Alice's journeyinto the sales industry

[05:34] - “How do I keep my kids glued to that screen?” (

[07:00] - Growing up in a family of sales pros

[08:30] - Has selling changed? Sure, but the key principles are still the same!

[11:30] - Prospecting in a pandemic: The obligations you have as sales professional

[14:30] - The importance of the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and the effects that a global pandemic has on your customers!

[17:20] - The messages and process that work and gets people connected and talking to you

[22:00] - Social…just a means to an end or is there something more to it?

[24:30] - Overcoming the problems prospects have so you can get that first meeting

[30:40] - The biggest influence on Alice’s sales career

[32:20] - Sales: science or an art?