Selling with Ease, with Chris Murray

This week we welcome Chris Murray. Chris is the author of the amazing sales book ‘Selling with EASE’. If it’s not on your shelf already you'll be buying it after this episode!

Chris is a genius when it comes to the EASE Sales Cycle and this week we aim to unpack and explore how you can use this process to increase your own sales ability.

This week we are proudly brought to you by VanillaSoft.

Where you can find Chris:


[02:50] - Chris Murray introduces himself and how he got into the world of selling

[06:55] - What makes Chris’ company different

[09:30] - Making the complex simple

[11:40] - The motivation for the ease sales process

[14:15] - Breaking down the ease sales cycle

[22:10] - Increasing conversions with ease

[27:40] - Where is the SDR model getting it wrong?

[29:35] - The positive things a prospect will remember

[31:25] - Should you tell your prospects the effort you go to for them

[33:05] - A quick recap on customer attraction

[36:00] - Your sales gold for the day

[37:20] - Incorporating different methods of sales to build your pipeline

[43:40] - What you should be focusing on in the sales process?

[50:28] - Sales: Science or Art

[51:45] - One thing Chris would have done differently

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