Shifting the Revenue Growth Journey Paradigm with Gabriella DeFlorio, CEO and Co-Founder at Prelay

Life is known to throw us all curveballs at some point. For Gabriella DeFlorio, as a competitive college D1 cross country and track athlete, this was no different. As a one time Olympic trials hopeful, 7 leg surgeries later, she turned her passion towards technology.

After being a part of different early stage companies, she saw where companies were struggling from a revenue perspective and decided to start Prelay, a platform that is helping revenue teams work together and navigate complex deal cycles more effectively.

In this episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Gabriella DeFlorio, the CEO and Co-Founder of Prelay, shares her journey, how she has applied the same perseverance and persistence to her company, and what organizations should be doing today to drive better collaboration to power revenue growth. Take a listen and see how some of the strengths in mindset that enable high performance in athletics translate really well to high performance in sales.


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