Smart Calling, with Art Sobczak

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This week we welcome special guest Art Sobczak to the podcast.

Art is a sales genius who has developed the brilliant ‘Smart Calling’ methodology.

In this episode, Luigi and Art explore ‘Smart Calling’ and what you should be doing to improve your sales ability so that you can help people to be the best they can be.

Where you can find Art:

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[05:30] - Art’s journey into the world of selling

[09:40] - The difference between a salesperson and a sales professional

[11:35] - Tips for improving your calling abilities

[18:10] - Overcoming call reluctance

[22:30] - Staying positive while facing rejection

[24:20] - Breaking down the smart calling script

[37:50] - Recapping the steps in the smart calling script

[39:50] - Sales: Science or Art?

[41:00] - What Art would have done differently


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