The 8 Things You Should Do After Publishing Content On Your Website

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Episode Summary:

After publishing content on your website, there are several important tasks you should do to maximize its impact.

First, verify that the webpage's meta tags are correct. Meta tags play a crucial role in SEO, improving search engine rankings and enhancing user experience.

They also affect how your content appears on social media, contributing to better click-through rates and consistent branding.Next, add internal links to the new content from existing pages on your website.

This helps with navigation and improves the discoverability of your content. Additionally, submit your page links to Google Search Console's URL Inspector and request indexing to ensure prompt crawling and indexing by search engines. Don't forget to do the same with Bing Webmaster Tools.

To enhance social media sharing, verify that the correct Open Graph (OG) image shows up when your URL is shared.

This image has a significant impact on click-through rates, so it's important to confirm it displays properly on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Check that the crucial elements of your content are reflected in the schema markup. Schema markup provides additional information to search engines, making your content stand out in search results and improving visibility and click-through rates.

Consider boosting your new content with paid promotion to give it extra reach and impact.

Paid media spend can generate immediate results and increase the visibility of your content.

After 72 hours, perform a checkup to ensure your page has been successfully crawled and indexed by search engines. If it hasn't, investigate the issue and take the necessary steps to address it.

Remember, indexing is crucial for your content to be discoverable and serve its purpose.By following these eight steps, you can maximize the impact of your published content and achieve success in the digital realm.