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Welcome to this week's episode where we discuss the concept of discovery in sales. While some argue that discovery is dead because buyers can find information online, our guest, Karl Ortmanns, Vice President of Sales, disagrees. He believes that good discovery is essential in today's sales process.

Karl talks about the shortcomings of traditional qualification methodologies such as BANT and why they should not be adopted in today's sales process. Instead, he introduces the CHAMP sales framework that he has developed himself. The framework covers Challenge, Authority, Money, Priority, and Technical.

During the episode, Karl shares his insights into what good discovery looks like. He emphasizes the importance of meeting preparation, knowing your audience, and using consultative selling skills during the call. He also highlights the difference between Why and What questions and how they can impact the discovery process.

Join us as we explore the importance of good discovery in sales and learn from Karl's experience as a quota carrier turned VP of Sales. Tune in now to unlock the value of meeting preparation and to improve your discovery skills.

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