The Benefits to Using a Customer Service Mentality

When you’re trying to make a sale, do you try to cut to the chase? Are you so task-focused that you would rather rush the process? If you’re not using a customer-centric approach, if you don’t listen to your customers, or if you aren’t seeking to solve their problems, you could be missing out on making some great sales!

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by the unmistakeable Alison Edgar, also known as The Entrepreneur’s Godmother. Darryl and Alison have a fantastic conversation about the distinct similarities between sales and customer service.

They also give terrific advice on how to become a more trusted seller by taking a deep dive into listening more than speaking, asking open-ended questions, and simply treating your customers the way they want to be treated.

Learn how to lead, and keep the pace in the dance of sales, right here on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About Darryl's guest:

Alison Edgar is the MD of Sales Coaching Solutions and is nicknamed, “The Entrepreneur’s Godmother” by some of the world’s best well know entrepreneurs.  She has twice been voted one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers and regularly features on BBC 1 TV and LBC radio. She has trained thousands of people locally, nationally and internationally.  

Her client list ranges from start-ups including Dragon’s Den and Apprentice winners, all the way through to large organizations like Discovery Channel and Thomas Cook Airlines. Her book “Secrets of Successful Sales”, which explains her Four Pillars of Sales Methodology, has achieved Amazon number 1 best-selling status and is a WH Smith top 10 business book.

When not teaching sales, she dedicates her time to helping young people and small businesses to improve their fates and fortunes, and is a regular visitor to number 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, collaborating with government and iDEA, (the Duke of York Awards).

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