The Burning Desire For Success, with Michael Nichols

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This week we welcome Michael Nichols. Michael is a marine veteran who created the famous F45. Having spent over a decade serving his country Michael knows what it's like to face struggle and hardship… This week we unpack the key learnings he gained from serving in the military and how that can help you to achieve success as a salesperson.

Where you can find Michael:


[04:40] - Michael’s journey into the world of selling

[06:45] - Michael’s role in the military

[08:11] - Developing a high performance mindset

[11:40] - The first speech you hear in the american military

[13:30] - Was this mindset always there or was it something that Michael built up through his experiences

[16:40] - Keeping you mindset in a combat situation and pushing yourself to succeed

[18:40] - Prior planning in sales

[21:15] - Digging deep to push through difficult parts of your life

[26:15] - The importance of passion

[31:35] - Biggest influence in Michael’s career

[33:00] - Sales: Science or Art?


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