The Challenges of Procurement, with Leslie Venetz

On this week's podcast, we are joined by Leslie Venetz who shares with us her insights into procurement and the challenges she has experienced.


00:20 – Lui Introduces This Week’s Podcast Hosted by Vidyard

04:43 – Leslie Venetz Tells Us How She Began in the World of Sales

05:56 – Biggest Lessons Learned So Far in the Industry

08:21 – Helping People Achieve Their Personal Goals and the Goal of Freedom

10:59 – The Importance of Motivation with Sales Professionals

16:16 – The Challenges of Procurement

19:13 – Cynic vs Cynic Blockers

21:44 – Strategies for a Customized Greeting

23:26 – Learning from Lost Opportunities

32:23 – The Art of the Cold Call

35:14 – The Philosophy of Sales Remain the Same

39:14 – Connect with Leslie Venetz

40:15 – Thank You for Joining Us!