The Challenges of Procurement, with Leslie Venetz

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On this week's podcast, we are joined by Leslie Venetz who shares with us her insights into procurement and the challenges she has experienced.


00:20 – Lui Introduces This Week’s Podcast Hosted by Vidyard

04:43 – Leslie Venetz Tells Us How She Began in the World of Sales

05:56 – Biggest Lessons Learned So Far in the Industry

08:21 – Helping People Achieve Their Personal Goals and the Goal of Freedom

10:59 – The Importance of Motivation with Sales Professionals

16:16 – The Challenges of Procurement

19:13 – Cynic vs Cynic Blockers

21:44 – Strategies for a Customized Greeting

23:26 – Learning from Lost Opportunities

32:23 – The Art of the Cold Call

35:14 – The Philosophy of Sales Remain the Same

39:14 – Connect with Leslie Venetz

40:15 – Thank You for Joining Us!  


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