The Importance of Marketing & Demand Gen in Sales, with Chris Walker

Chris Walker is the CEO at Refine Labs – a B2B Revenue Operations and Growth Marketing company based in Boston, United States. Chris and the team at Refine Labs are on a mission to help organizations optimize their revenue models with their unique product “Revenue Engine Optimization” which is a blend of Revenue Operations, Growth Marketing, and Buyer Enablement.  

Chris has spent the last 6 years perfecting the process of growing early- and growth-stage companies rapidly. Chris has many areas of expertise which include, Go-To-Market Strategy Design, Marketing Strategy, Demand Generation, Revenue Operations, Customer Acquisition, and more.  

We think you’re going to get a great amount of value out of this week’s podcast (we certainly did).

So, whether you’re in the car, at home, at the office, or at the gym (for all those lucky enough to not be in lockdown) turn the volume up and treat your ears to this week’s episode of the Sales IQ Podcast.


00:16 – Lui Introduces This Week’s Podcast Ft. Chris Walker, Hosted by Vidyard

00:48 – Why it’s Important for Sales Professionals to Become Marketers

04:10 – Chris Explains How He Got Into the World of Sales and Marketing

08:13 – Listening to the Response of Prospects is Imperative to Success

11:15 – The Importance of Marketing and Demand Generation in Sales  

13:48 – Chris’s Advice for Sales People That Feel Left Behind

16:23 – Don’t Sell to the Masses, Build a Community

19:02 – Marketers Should be Incentivized on Conversion Not Just Leads

25:15 – Creating Content to Generate Demand Requires a Strategy

32:12 – Reduce the Junk – Focus on Quality and Insightful Content

36:35 – Is Sales an Art or a Science?

39:40 – Connect with Chris Walker

40:40 – Thank You for Joining Us!  

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