The Importance of Personal Branding

Having a polished personal brand can often mean the difference between success and failure.

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by 3 very special guests to discuss how important it is for sales professionals to have a quality personal brand. Josie Marshburn, the founder and CEO of Sales Enablement Benchmark, Kristina Jaramillo, the President of Personal ABM, and John Moore (aka “The Collaborator”) VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan all join Darryl to hammer home the many benefits of leveraging your personal brand to earn greater success. They all share their expertise and wisdom on how to create your brand, the information you should use, as well as ways to build trust and engagement through your online profile. Learn how to improve your numbers through personal branding on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!


About Darryl's guests:

Kristina Jaramillo, LinkedIn Marketing Expert, and President at Personal ABM, provides technology, software, professional service and consulting organizations with returns on time, engagement, leads, ROI, and most importantly revenues. Kristina is an authority on the tools, processes, and content you need to prove a clear LinkedIn marketing and social media ROI.

Josie Marshburn has spent over 25 years in sales within the technology industry. She started her career at fast-growth tech companies and later at Fortune 500. In addition to her sales experience, Josie has also run complex global sales enablement organizations at both Oracle and VMware. Josie current is the founder and CEO of Sales Enablement Benchmark, a sales and enablement advisory firm where she works with fast-growth tech companies to advise on all aspects of improving the selling performance within an organization. Her specializations include diagnosing performance issues and advisory work. She advises her clients that are new to selling how to implement a sales organization, and for those that already have a sales function, she works with those clients to either improve selling challenges. She is often asked to help with hiring challenges, sales readiness tool selection and adoption, and her favorite topic, sales enablement. She has helped her clients either start a sales enablement function for the first time or help them take the function to the next level.

John Moore is the VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan. John recognizes that, far too often, Enablement efforts are failing to impact their business positively. I partner to test and refine best practices; meets with team members across all functions, customers, and prospects, as well as potential partners. His goal is to play a role in providing support for fellow practitioners, to share best practices, and to raise up those that put other practitioners first. The existing approaches are not making the difference our businesses need. According to John, we must do better for fellow practitioners and the businesses they support. John uses all means necessary - listening, understanding, learning, and then writing, speaking, and collaboration across the globe and across businesses; to raise up others that are demonstrating the way forward for enablement.

John believes that for Sales Enablement and Revenue Enablement to succeed, we must seek to understand what our teams need. To serve them, to help them thrive, and through this service, raise up ourselves, our teams, and our companies.

For individuals to grow in their careers, we must educate, collaborate, and communicate. It is about our community above any individual, vendor, or group.

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