The Modern Revenue Model, With Luigi Prestinenzi

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The ideal career path for a Chief Revenue Officer is still hotly debated. But one thing is for sure: no matter who you put in the role, they need a very wide-angled lens.

In this inaugural episode of the CRO Spotlight podcast Warren Zenna and Lupe Feld are joined by CEO and Co-Founder of Sales IQ Global, Luigi Prestinenzi.

They explore the makings of the modern revenue model, including:

✅ The tech and data revolution + its impact.

✅ Why curiosity is your most important soft skill.

✅ The argument against 'scale at all costs.'

✅ Which market segment has the most to gain, and why the time to jump is now.

✅ Must-haves for driving results as a CRO.

✅ What's broken with the traditional compensation model.


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