The Perfect Email, with Kyle Coleman

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This week we invite Kyle Coleman. Kyle is an expert who has spent most of his life in the sales industry and is here today to offer some of his tips and tricks when it comes to sending killer emails to your prospects and how you can improve your email open rates.

Where you can find Kyle:


[03:30]- Kyle's journey into the world of sales

[05:30] - The key learnings Kyle had at his startup company

[08:50] - Kyle's to-do list before talking to his prospects

[15:30] - What a great email should look like

[20:05] - The performance metric you should aim to achieve on open rate

[22:25] - The channels you should be using to reach your prospect

[26:40] - How many calls you should be making a week to drive pipeline velocity

[31:35] - What a high quality emails should look like

[37:50] - Sales: an art or science

[39:30] - Biggest influence in Kyle’s career

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