The Power of a Growth Mindset, with Brad Lea

This week we welcome Brad Lea! Brad is the leading authority on web-based training. With 25 years of sales management and web-based training experience Brad understands the value of a growth mindset and has helped guide some of today’s most effective and productive sales professionals worldwide.

With his new book ‘The hard way’ being released soon Brad is the perfect guest to help guide us through the current struggles faced by sales professionals around the world… This week we delve into Brad’s mindset and what you should be doing right now to be successful in the world of sales.

Where you can find Brad:


[04:20] - Brad’s journey into the world of sales

[06:20] - Brad’s motivation for starting a technology business during the dotcom crash

[14:30] - What you should be doing to sell during a downturn

[17:02] - The million-dollar morning philosophy

[22:50] - The guide to driving intensity and performance

[25:30] - The power of a growth mindset

[27:50] - The ultimate strategy for continued growth

[33:10] - The biggest influence in Brad’s career

[35:40] - Brad’s take on whether sales is a science or art.

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