The Power of Voice & Tonality with Denis Champagne

Denis Champagne integrates his ‘Old School’ sales success education and training and combines it with new methods/approaches using and leveraging technology to optimize scalability for salespeople and teams.

Denis has built his 30+ years' of sales experience by delivering sustainable sales growth.

Denis talks to us today about the power of voice tone, pitch, and speed in building trusting, genuine relationships with our sales prospects.

So sit back, chuck on those headphones and enjoy this week's episode.


00:22 - Introducing this week's episode hosted by Vidyard

02:56 - Launching two new podcasts "Revenue Engine" & "Revenue Architect"

03:40 - Welcoming Denis Champagne to the show

05:50 - Facing challenges & changing tactics

09:05 - The importance of tonality & intonation

11:26 - Strategies to build trust through voice

16:53 - How to practice the skill of delivering verbal messages

17:55 - Ditch the sales intensity, adapt your style but remain authentic

20:15 - Positive body language & voice

22:49 - Cold calling & the 11-second rule

25:31 - Recapping what we have learned so far

28:38 - The influence of Zig Ziglar

31:15 - Connecting & engaging with Denis

32:37 - Thank you for listening to this week's episode!

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