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When you reach out to your prospects, are you calm or soft-spoken? Are you intentional with the words you use? Is your own voice working against you? Your voice is significantly tied to the quality of your service. Remember, selling is a Performance Profession!

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by Denis Champagne, the CEO of Lotus Communications. Darryl and Denis talk about how a reluctance to use the phone will subconsciously be revealed in your delivery and provide ways to embrace a mindset of wanting to talk to others. They also go over the importance of energy levels, how to make sure your prospects have the best perception of you, and ways to build trust and support with just your voice, right here on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About Denis Champagne

"35+ yrs. of salesmanship and business owner/management with a focus on B2B Sales and Prospecting in varied industries from aviation, automotive, CPG, agro-food energy efficiency, technology, manufacturing, finance, mining, health, and security He also owned and operated a call center he has trained over 1000 agents. Denis has helped many clients improve and optimize their sales and marketing processes"


INSIDE Inside Sales is hosted by Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSoft which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  VanilaSoft is the sponsor for INSIDE Inside Sales.

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