The Reply Methodology, with Jason Bay

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This week we welcome Jason Bay. Jason is a sales mastermind who helped to develop Blissful prospecting, a sales training company designed to help sales teams by providing the systems, coaching, and accountability to grow their outbound sales.

This week we dive into Cold Outreach and what you should be doing to cut through the clutter to reach your prospects.

Where you can find Jason:

The REPLY Methodology:


[04:05] - Jason’s journey into the world of sales

[06:35] - The early learnings Jason took which he still uses today

[09:10] - Developing content from a cadence perspective

[13:50] - The importance of understanding your buyer persona and doing your homework

[18:20] - The REPLY Methodology

[29:40] - Tips on starting cold outreach

[31:30] - Using an account based or lead based approach

[33:15] - The importance of building a cadence when doing cold outreach

[37:15] - Would you get stuck in a sea of sameness

[42:10] - Sales: Science or Art

[43:15] - Biggest influence in Jason’s career

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