The Sales Mindset, with Jeffrey Gitomer

This week we welcome the man, the myth, the king... Jeffrey Gitomer to the podcast. Jeffery is one of the best sales professionals in the business and he how to #bethebestyoucanbe.

There is so much you can learn from Jeffery so make sure your fingers are warm because there are so many nuggets of information you will be wanting to write down!

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Where you can find Jeffery Gitomer:


[03:30] - Jeffrey Gitomer introduces himself and how he got into sales

[05:10] - The concept and importance of spaced repetition

[06:50] - The need for sales experts who don’t focus on money

[08:15] - The inspiration for the sale manifesto

[11:00] - Has the fundamentals of selling changed?

[16:40] - Why are so many sales people avoiding avenues of growth?

[17:50] - What you can do to change your habits

[18:30] - An unsponsored message about apple devices

[20:40] - Do sales people go straight to price because they have a scarcity mindset instead of a mindset of abundance

[23:20] - Does Jeffrey have challenges where he struggles to maintain his mindset

[26:25] - The people who helped geoffry to develop his mindset

[28:00] - The steps to changing your mindset

[30:05] - The need for continual growth and learning

[32:20] - The biggest piece of advice Jeffery Gitomer has for you

[33:15] - What does selling mean to Jeff?

[35:20] - Sales: Art or Science

[36:00] - The biggest influence on Jeffrey’s career

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