The Sales Process: Empathize | Educate | Empower, with Victor Antonio

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“We have this scale in our head… on one hand you have certainty and on the other hand you have anxiety…. And the job of every sales person is to increase my certainty and reduce my anxiety”

– Victor Antonio

The Sales Process

The sales process that you use directly affects your ability to sell to people in your industry. So it’s interesting to see how unnecessarily complicated organisations make this process.

This week, world renowned international speaker Victor Antonio joins the podcast and helps us break down this process into 3 easy to remember steps… EMPATHIZE … EDUCATE… EMPOWER.

Starting out in one of the roughest parts of Chicago, Victor built himself a 20 year long career as a top sales executive and became the president of global sales and marketing for a 420 million dollar company. His experience, from building his career from the bottom up – to being a top sales professional at a large firm has given him the understanding of how to build healthy relationships with his customers and get the most out of those relationships.

Where you can find Victor:


[00:50] – Victor explains how he got into sales

[03:25] – Before Victor got into sales did he have any negative perceptions around it

[04:45] – Behaviors of high performing sales people that really stand out

[07:04] – Did Victor follow a process early in his career?

[09:50] – The biggest changes in sales Victor has noticed since the nineties

[11:55] – Do we build rapport with customers and develop a relationship or do we just try and close them?

[16:10] – How important is it for sales people to ‘really find out the why?’

[19:25] – Elements of a great sales process

[20:10] – Empathize

[21:20] – Educate

[22:20] – Empower

[23:38] – Mistakes to avoid when building a sales process or methodology

[28:20] – What Larry was doing that was so successful

[30:15] – How we can empathize with our customers

[34:00] – The difference between sympathy and empathy

[35:30] – Luigi has a ‘ah-ha’ moment

[37:00] – The sales process isn’t always linear

[38:50] – How do we empower our customer and get them to buy?

[45:04] – Sales… is it an art or a science?

[48:35] – If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

[49:20] – What’s something that you should do right now to increase your ability to sell?

[50:42] – Some places you can go to find out more about Victor

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