The Secret to Successful Outreach, with Morgan J Ingram

The secret to successful outreach

This week, Linkedin’s top voice of 2018 Morgan J Ingram joins the podcast to discuss SDR outreach and how to master calling your prospects and booking those meetings.  

Being both a keynote speaker and the host of the SDR Chronicles podcast, Morgan has spent a lot time learning the best ways to get through to his prospects and with the knowledge he shares we will be able to improve our outreach skills.

Places you can find Morgan:  


[00:23] – Luigi introduces this week’s topic

[01:45] – How Morgan got into sales and focused on SDR

[03:10] – The biggest challenge Morgan faced getting into sales

[03:55] – The inspiration for Morgan to focus on building capability within the SDR function  

[04:30] – Luigi and Morgan discuss how to be a good SDR

[05:38] – How important is the phone as tool to generate prospects and opportunities?  

[07:20] – Morgan’s guide to getting through call reluctance

[09:40] – Advice on how to get yourself motivated and keep a positive mindset

[11:04] – The first step to making an awesome cold call

[12:04] – Morgan’s simple process as to how to build your target persona

[14:00] – Adjusting your tone and pace is critical in a call  

[15:03] – Did Morgan find it difficult to adjust his pace?

[16:15] – What can we ask to peak the customers interest?

[17:45] – Overcoming the objection of “don’t have the time” and “we have another provider”  

[20:40] – Handling the objection of “not for another 6 months”

[23:05] – A retrospective look on what Luigi should have done when he was faced with an objection

[25:14] – What a good sales cadence looks like

[27:02] – Morgan and Luigi discuss what 3 tools you need for prospecting

[29:25] – Morgan’s guide to getting past the gatekeeper

[30:40] – What to do to get past the EAs and PAs  

[32:00] – What you MUST do when prospecting

[33:10] – Biggest influences in Morgan’s career

[35:20] – What would Morgan have done differently

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