The Secret Weapon for Scaling the Revenue Engine with Steve Goldberg, CRO of SalesLoft

What is the secret weapon when trying to scale the revenue engine? With the sales landscape rapidly changing, data and customer insight, are more important than ever before.

How do organizations leverage this data and insight to make better decisions? The role of Revenue Operations has become a crucial business partner to help execute the go-to-market strategy.

Join us in the latest Revenue Engine episode as Rosalyn and Steve Goldberg, the CRO of SalesLoft, discuss the importance of Revenue Operations when scaling the revenue engine.


00:35 - The unique partnership of a CRO and VP of Revenue Operations

03:18 - Steve shares his journey into sales

06:41 - Mentors and influences shaping Steve's professional journey

08:43 - SalesLoft market trends transformation and its direction

12:28 - Steve's philosophy on revenue acceleration and growth of SalesLoft

16:29 - COVID's impact on SalesLoft and lessons learned

20:14 - How to best leverage Ops leaders

22:06 - Partnership between the Revenue and Revenue Operations leaders

27:03 - How Steve keeps his team engaged and motivated

30:54 - The key elements that contributed to SalesLoft's high growth

33:19 - What would Steve do differently if he could do it all over again

36:06 - Rosalyn finds out one thing many don't know about Steve

37:02 - Steve's message to everyone

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