The Ultimate Social Selling Parley

Want to switch from LinkedIn lurking to creating, but don't know where to start? You do now: it's with this podcast episode.

Darryl is joined by Daniel Disney, sales author/speaker/trainer and Founder of The Daily Sales. With over 850k brand followers and close to 100k personally, there's no better man to help you start, or step up, your LinkedIn game–especially in the sales space. In this sparkling meeting of the minds you'll learn about: the key steps for growing at any follower count, the content you should (and shouldn't) be creating, and industry-wide challenges like attribution and authenticity.


It goes without saying, but the best place to find Daniel is on LinkedIn. You'll also find him at the Daily Sales website. Find his latest book is on Amazon here.

Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn. Find the LinkedIn profile book he mentioned here.

Watch the Darryl vs Daniel debate here, and watch Darryl's webinar with Keenan on authenticity here.


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