Understanding How Sales Works Internally

It's CRO time folks, let's find out what exactly this 'CEO of Revenue' does and how it's relevant to you.

In the episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by CRO aficionado Warren Zenna, CEO and Founder of Zenna Consulting and the CRO Collective. A breath of fresh air, this episode was sent to zoom you right out of the day to day. Warren and Darryl consider the untapped gold to be mined from working with (preferably in) the other revenue teams, why that knowledge will be so relevant for you three jobs from now, and the superpowers of a great CRO.


Connect with Warren on LinkedIn, or at the Zenna Consulting and CRO Collective websites. Warren is co-host of the CRO Spotlight podcast.

Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn.

Episode #170 was that episode with the brilliant Jenny Brennan (Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse).

Find out more about the words of the episode: perspicacious and eschew.


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