Video Killed The Radio Star

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We can’t rewind. We’ve gone too far.

In this episode Dan of Vidyard — a video marketing titan — provides common sense tips for using video to advance your sales goals. From the gear you’ll need if you’re a video newbie, to how to look amazing on video with a few simple tricks, to strategies for when and where to properly share your productions, Dan shares how to make an impact and succeed with video. If you are even just thinking about using video to market yourself, your company, or your product, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

About our guest:

Dan Wardle is the manager of video specialists at Vidyard, a video marketing platform that enables customers to derive information on viewer-behavior for marketing automation systems and CRM. Prior to Vidyard, he served Salesforce as a senior accounts executive and held the position of team lead at Blackberry.

Dan Wardle holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Waterloo.

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