Video Selling, with Kayla Cytron-Thaler

This week we welcome special guest Kayla Cytron-Thaler to the podcast!

Kayla is a sales gun who has what it takes to compete with the best sellers around the world.

With a modern approach to social selling Kayla has learnt how to stand above the average salesman and book those meeting. In this episode Kalya and Luigi discuss the importance of video and how you can also set yourself up for success.

Where you can find Kayla:


[00:50] - A message from our new sponsor Vidyard

[05:15] - Kayla's journey into the world of selling

[07:30] - The skills that Kayla has found to be the most important

[08:45] - Grabbing a prospect attention in a different way

[12:20] - Starting the video journey

[15:00] - Asking the right people for feedback

[16:30] - Don’t use your feedback meeting to sell

[18:20] - The truth about creating video

[21:35] - Slow it down and make things personal

[26:00] - The need for a real human connection

[29:00] - Kayla challenges Luigi

[33:00] - Is sales an Art or Science?

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