What do you say when you’re asked about your website conversion?

Imagine this: you're sitting in your cool office, and suddenly, the big boss, the CEO, swings by and pops the question we all love to hear:

"Hey, what's our website conversion rate?"

Before you panic and spill the beans with a boring blended conversion rate for the entire website.

Take a deep breath and remember this golden rule.

Never give the CEO a one-size-fits-all answer.

Instead, let's respond like a pro:

"Hey, CEO! That's a fantastic question.

You see, our website is a bustling hub with all sorts of visitors coming from different places.

Each group has its own needs and desires.

So, which specific traffic source would you like to dig into?"

Now, chances are the CEO will ask for more details, like:

"Alright, what are these different traffic sources anyway?"

No worries! Break it down in a way that makes everyone's life easier:

1. Demand Capture - The folks who stumble upon us through Paid Search and our trusty Affiliates.

2. Demand Capture - The savvy ones who land on our pricing, contact Page or request a thrilling Demo.

3. Education/Exploratory - The curious minds who delve into our Main Website Pages, seeking knowledge and enlightenment.

4. Education/Exploratory - The knowledge seekers who get their fix from your Blog & Resources section.

At this point, the CEO will probably come back with the question we've been waiting for: "And how do we measure the success of each of these?"

Bingo! That's the magic question we were hoping to hear.

Get ready to wow the CEO with this stellar response (once you know your details):

"Well, we typically see a conversion rate of around X% on average for our demand capture sources.

These visitors are keen on purchasing, so we measure their success using sales-oriented metrics like..."

- Landing Page Conversion Rates
- Conversions to Opportunity
- Opportunity to Revenue

Now, things are different for our education/exploratory traffic.

We expect a conversion rate of less than 1%.

It's not their primary goal to convert immediately, but that doesn't mean they aren't valuable.

We measure their engagement and success by observing excellent indicators such as..."

- Assisted Conversions
- Chat Engagements
- Average Session Duration
- New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors
- Keyword Rankings
- Brand vs. Non-Brand Clicks

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