What to Expect In The Chief Revenue Officer Role, with Avi Zimak

Sometimes our goals coming true result in unexpected outcomes, and the CRO role is no different. It's time to do get some deep-dive insights on what's really awaiting you in the C-Suite.

In this episode of the CRO Spotlight Podcast, Warren and Lupe are joined by Avi Zimak, Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer at The Arena Group. Avi has had a fascinating revenue career spanning more than 20 years (featuring New York Magazine, Time Inc, and CondΓ© Nast).

He'll be sharing his invaluable knowledge and experience, including how he 'hopscotched' to his CRO role, seeking to understand the role beyond the title, when the right time is for a CRO, the CEO:CRO relationship, and ideal personality traits of a CRO.


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