Why all sellers need to be marketers.

Sales and marketing are two critical components of a successful business, and each plays a unique role in generating revenue. While sales focuses on closing deals and making transactions, marketing is responsible for creating awareness and building the brand. However, salespeople who also think like marketers have a distinct advantage in today's competitive landscape.By incorporating marketing tactics into their approach, salespeople can differentiate their offerings, build trust and credibility with prospects, and create a compelling value proposition. This allows them to better understand the customer's needs, anticipate objections, and provide relevant solutions that meet those needs. A salesperson who thinks like a marketer is better equipped to leverage content and digital marketing tools to engage prospects, generate leads, and close more deals.

During this interview with Chip House, CMO of CRM and Marketing Platform Insightly, Chip shares a number of different strategies that sellers need to consider when creating awareness.

Connect with Chip https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiphouse/

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