Why Some Buy and Others Don't, with Cian Mcloughlin

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This week we welcome the one and only Cian Mcloughlin. Cian is the CEO of Trinity Perspectives, a sales training and consulting company specialising in Win Loss Analysis. In this episode Luigi and Cian Dive deep into the reasons why people do and don’t buy your products or services.

Where you can find Cian:




[05:00] - How Cian fell into the world of sales

[08:20] - Breaking the stereotype of salespeople around the world

[11:40] - Cian’s role at Trinity and his focus when it comes to selling

[21:20] - The reality of sales and and accepting feedback

[23:50] - What you can do to self analyse and approach your next prospect differently

[26:05] - The key reasons companies don't buy from organisations

[31:50] - Focusing on the next step of the process

[35:25] - Cian shares a real life experience

[37:20] - Learning to deal changes in your customers

[41:15] - Biggest influence

[43:00] - Sales: art or science

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