Why You Need a CRO to Drive the Revenue Engine with Warren Zenna, CEO and Founder of The CRO Collective

How do you know when to restructure and hire a Chief Revenue Officer? Still a relatively new role, the CRO structure, and responsibilities vary from company to company. Some may own the sales process end to end, whilst others only own net new acquisition.

Join us in the latest Revenue Engine episode, as Rosalyn and Warren Zena, the Founder of The CRO Collective, discuss when and why it’s time for a CRO in your organization.


00.35 - Rosalyn introduces Warren and the role of the CRO

04.24 - Warren shares his journey into sales

09.09 - The mentors and influences shaping Warren's career

12.12 - The CRO Collective and the motivation behind starting this movement

17.14 - Should the CRO run sales?

22.38 - How customer service can drive insight to help sellers understand more about their buyers

25.33 - CRO readiness and what they need to ask for

30.40 - What is required to become a CRO

35.58 - How CRO Collective helps the industry

40.00 - The requirement for a RevOps expert in the team

43.15 - Rosalyn finds out one thing many don’t know about Warren

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