Winning Revenue Strategies for CEOs with Alice Heiman, Founder and Chief Sales Energizer at Alice Heiman, LLC

If you are in sales, you have heard of Miller Heiman. And you’ve probably heard of Alice Heiman, the daughter of Stephen Heiman, who helped her father’s business, but then ventured out on her own over 20 years ago.

Today, Alice is the Founder and Chief Sales Energizer of her own firm, Alice Heiman, LLC, guiding and coaching CEOs and sales leaders to develop winning strategies to drive revenue growth.

Alice is a long time leader and expert in the sales world as a strategist, speaker, coach, advisor, and instructor. She is also a huge advocate and supporter of giving back to the community and to helping elevate other women professionals.

In this episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Alice shares what CEOs should be doing to build winning sales organizations, how to approach revenue with the customer in mind, and so much more!

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